Monday, June 29, 2009

We Beat President Obama to Cape Coast! And Did Michael Jackson Die???

Apparently, President Obama is visiting Cape Coast on July 11th. Well, not to brag, but we beat him there! So...yay!

We had a great time in Cape Coast. We visited the Cape Coast Castle, from which a lot of the Triangle Trade took place. The Americas sent raw materials to Europe, Europe processed those materials and sent them to Ghana, and Ghana sent slaves to the Americas to produce the raw materials--in a nutshell. It was so interesting! I feel like I have so much to tell everybody about it. We met a senior missionary couple on our tour of the castle. They were a piece of work. The man asked the tour guide, a Ghanaian, if he thought that slavery was a good thing. Really? You're asking an African if slavery was good? Also, a couple of men were fishing off the coast. The man asked our tour guide if those were the slave ships coming to get the Africans. I was ashamed to be American at that moment. I really wonder what impression tourists give off in the various places they visit. I wonder if our tour guide will someday go to America and ask a tour guide at, say, Monticello if he thinks slavery was a good thing. Ugh. Some people. We also learned in the castle that Michael Jackson died. They had been playing his music all day, and we were all curious as to why they were doing that. Then, a man in the museum said that he died, and we were all distraught and talked about our favorite Thriller dance memories. Is it true? Someone give me an update.

Anyway, it was so rainy in Cape Coast! We got there in flood conditions. Cars were half-submerged in muddy water. I was glad to be on a big huge bus. However, we were lucky that whenever we went out it really wasn't raining too bad. We even went to the beach for a little bit. We ran around in the water and got some fun pictures. Two little boys were playing with us and wanted to be in all of our pictures. It was pretty cute.

We also went on the Kakum Canopy Walk. I think anyone who reads this should try looking it up online. It was incredible. Basically, we were suspended hundreds of feet above the jungle by a walkway and a rope bridge. It was so beautiful. Sadly, my memory card ran out in the middle, so I had to delete some pictures (don't worry, they're already saved on my computer at school). It was so incredible, though. We didn't get to see any animals, but we didn't really expect to. Lots of bugs though. Exotic, tiny, creepy bugs. Imagine my delight.

We stayed at a really nice hotel with a toilet that flushed! The high life. We also ate at some really great restaurants. I had some banana pancakes that pretty much changed my life. We also got to look in lots of fun little shops. We saw a textile mill that printed a fabric with Obama's face on it that said "Akwaaba (welcome) Obama." Ghanaians are really happy that he's visiting soon.

I wish I could write everything that happened in Cape Coast because it was SO FUN, but I only have a couple minutes left, so I have to go. I'll email/blog again this Friday, and then I won't have a chance to come to Kumasi for the next two weeks. So send love now or for two weeks hold your peace!

Love you all. Have a great week.


  1. Yes, it's true, Michael Jackson died this week -as well as Ed McMahon, Billy Mays (Oxyclean guy), and Farrah Fawcett (original Charlie's Angels). The celebrity world is dropping like flies. MJ's music albums have been selling out at all music stores and of the top 10 iTune downloads 9 of them are Michael Jackson songs/albums. He died of a heart-attack.

    I'm glad you had such a great time at Cape Coast. I did look up the Kakum Canopy Walk. It must have been an amazing experience! We look forward to seeing pictures when you come home. Mikah and I went over our calendar last night and we've been planned several fun activities to do this summer. I'll post about them on our blog.

  2. Hi Sweetie - like the Lindquists said - lots of celebrities are going. Sadly also, a woman that works with us and also Mr Margiotta who lived next door to Maga.
    I laughed at your "Ugly American" story. It sounds like something Maga would do (hee, hee). Sorry about your memory card (stupid girl at Walmart). I don't suppose there is anyplace you can buy one, is there?
    Glad you had such a great vacation and that things like toilets and pancakes still get you so excited. I'm going to look up the Kakum Canopy Walk and imagine you high above the jungle pretending that you are in the movie "A Bug's Life".

    Love you a million bajillion froggies -


  3. Noooooo!!! I'm so sad! How depressing. Give everyone hugs for me.

  4. Hi love! I've been seriously lacking in my commenting abilities, but I wanted to let you know I'm reading everything you write and I'm beyond proud of you. You're amazing and inspiring and I can't wait until you're back in the States.
    XOXOXO Sheila

  5. Sheila!!! Thanks so much :)

    I can't wait to see you again...Christmas '09 sound good?