Monday, June 8, 2009

I Got My Hair Done!

I hope everyone appreciates this message because they did not have to wait 3 weeks for it like they did last time. Yay!

I am wondering how everyone is doing! I miss you guys so much, and even though I'm having a great time here I can't wait to come home. There's just something about indoor plumbing that draws me in.

I have a great you may have guessed from the title, I got my hair done. It looks fabulous. The women came on Friday. It took two people and three hours. Youch. It also required two bags of fake hair. First, Sister Jenna (one of the hair stylists) took a really tiny section of my hair. She wrapped a bunch of fake hair around the roots of my natural hair so it kind of looks like a knot. Then, she braided the hair all the way down. She snipped off the stray hairs along the braid with some scissors. She and Comfort (the other hair lady) did that to my entire head. I now have hundreds of little Medusa braids all over. When they were done braiding, they put a flame next to the fake hair to burn off more stray hairs. Needless to say, I was terrified. Kayla got some pretty great pictures of the process. At the end, they boiled the ends of the fake hair in water and I was done.

May I just say that I have such great respect for Ghanaian women. This hair weighs a ton! How do they wear their hair like this all the time??? AND they are able to carry huge baskets and bowls on top of their hair on top of their heads. Incredible. I am finally used to it, but my neck hurt a little bit the first day. It's also a little itchy at times, but it is getting way better each day. I absolutely love it. And I took lots of pictures that I cannot download because the internet takes forever and cannot handle big files. Oh well. The people in my group have told me that it looks great...very natural-looking. It's also really easy because I can't wash it. Sweet!

Basically, June is the best month ever. There is something to look forward to every week! Last week, I got my hair done. This Friday, it's my 22nd birthday. Next week, we will be going to Cape Coast (the beach!!!) on our mid-semester retreat. The week after that, I will finally start testing in the schools and will do it for 3 weeks (2 students a day for 15 days = 30 students...wowsa).

Speaking of my birthday, I know lots of people have wanted my address to send me a card or something. My address is:

Amy Nagle
c/o Esther Baffour
P.O. Box 14
Wiamoase, Ashanti Region
Ghana, West Africa

Do not be sad if I don't get mail...we just received a letter for a girl that was here during Fall Semester...we got it last week. Mail is uber slow here, so I wouldn't send anything valuable or large.

I'm really excited for my birthday. The group and I will go to Kumasi (the capital city of the Ashanti region) to celebrate. It will be wicked fun.

I hope everyone is doing well in America! Enjoy the month of's my favorite.

Love always,
Amy Elizabeth


  1. Okay, so I sent you a card in the mail but I don't think I put enough postage on it so it might end up getting there way after your birthday (aside from the naturally slow snail mail). In any event, check our family blog on or after your birthday if you can!

  2. :-D
    Ghana, huh? Sounds like great fun! You should upload your extra-hair look to facebook so everyone can see.

  3. Happy Birthday! We love and miss you!


  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Honey!!!! I bet you look fantastic with your new hairdo - take lots of pictures. I will think of you all day, but especially at 1:12 P.M. today when Daddy's and my life were forever blessed by having you.XOXOXOXOXOX
    Love you soooooo much -

  5. Aww, thanks guys! I had a great birthday.I can't wait to see you all again :)

  6. amy, love! i can't believe i didn't comment on this! i had been waiting for this one...i bet your hair looks FAB-ulous!! i can't wait to see. i love love love you!