Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Malaria Strikes Back

...but not at me. Four people in our group got malaria this last week. Justin and Kayla definitely have full-blown malaria. Michelle and Shannon might have it, but they are still taking the medications. SO, we couldn't go to Cape Coast last weekend. We'll be leaving this Friday instead. I did get a summer cold, though, because it's been really cold from the rain. It's no malaria case...but I'm still phlegmy.

Guess what...I got birthday mail last week! Last Wednesday, I got cards and letters from the Lindquists, Devin, and Momsy and Popsicle (aka Mom and Dad). Thanks so much, you guys! I did not realize the mail could come here so fast...less than two weeks! Imagine my excitement.

I have to keep this blog post short because I don't have too much time left. Update: this last week was Athletics Week for the town of Wiamoase. Athletes from all the different schools competed in running, football (soccer), volleyball, and table tennis events. Presby (my school) took first in volleyball, second in football, and third in running. Go Presby!

One cute little anecdote. We were waiting on Thursday for the running events to start, and I was sitting on a bench. A little girl was holding her sleeping sister, and no one would let her sit down. They wouldn't let me stand up to give her a seat, either, so I asked if she wanted me to hold her sister. She said yes, and I held onto the little sleeping girl for a while. She was so cute...she probably had the chubbiest cheeks I've ever seen. Michelle took a picture of us together. When I get a chance, maybe I can try to upload it somehow. Anyway, I had to readjust her because she was falling off my lap. She woke up and saw a white girl holding her and freaked out a little bit. It was pretty funny. I was happy to help out the sister, though, because it was so hot out that day! I didn't even want to sit too close to someone, much less be forced to stand up holding a sleeping baby.

Things are still going well for me. I will start my research next Wednesday after the retreat to Cape Coast. I hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to update again next Friday with tales from the beach.

Love you all!


  1. I am so glad you got our card! I hope you get over this cold soon so that you can be healthy for the remainder of your stay in Ghana. I love reading your updates! You'll be happy to know that Kasen has not forgotten you. He frequently talks about going to "Mamy's house" and he still blesses "Mamy and Der" in his prayers. Enjoy this experience, but hurry home!

  2. Hi Cupcake - yay for getting mail - boo for malaria and summer colds. It's been cold and wet and rainy here too. We're wondering if summer will ever come. Next weekend is 4th of July - we'll light sparklers for you. I wish you were home to have a picnic with us - we miss you to pieces. The picture that was inside the card is from Maga - so now you have a little bit of home with you. We love you sooooo much.

    XOXOXOXO from your Momma

  3. Hi honey mama wants me to make sure I know how to update your blog and to tell you how much I love you. Good thing she's here cause I really didn't know how to update it.
    Love Daddy (Popscicle)

  4. i'm sad i didn't get to send you birthday mail...i was in the midst of going crazy with art-ness (you understand now, heehee!) and totally spaced. BUT i did remember it was your birthday! and i probably did a little celebratory dance. if i didn't then, i will now.... wait....

    yup. done. (it was a little hip circle, while saying, 'woooot!') i think you'd have liked it.

    tales from the beach...i'll stay tuned... ;)

  5. Thanks everybody! Daddy, your message made me laugh. I'm feeling much better, you'll be happy to know. Love you guys!