Sunday, August 2, 2009 more blog post...

Sorry to throw everyone off, but I actually have one more short post.

We are currently at the internet cafe in Accra. I get home this week after much traveling and sitting.

Speaking of sitting, after my last post I did one thing--get my hair done. It took a total of 25.5 hours to twist tiny sections of my hair into little purple, black, and red twisties. The lady actually chopped some of my real hair off, too. I was stressing out a lot about it, but I'll just see how long it is when I take it out.

So yes, I sat on a tiny wooden stool for almost 26 hours over three days. The pain on my bottom was the worst I've ever experienced. Yesterday, we all traveled to Kumasi and stayed in the Guestline Lodge for one night. Early this morning, we hopped an STC bus to Accra. That's where we are now. We had a REALLY expensive meal (boo city life). Who knows what we'll do later...

I think we've planned to go to Independence Square and the beach and the temple over the next couple of days. We'll see how that actually works out, though. It IS the rainy season.

I'll talk to everyone really soon! Until then, I miss you all. MMMMMMWWWWAAAAHHHH!

Love always,
Amy Elizabeth