Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Palace Museum

Today, we had the incredible opportunity to visit the Palace Museum in Kumasi. The chief of the Ashanti kingdom still lives in part of the palace, but the other part (the older part) has been made into a museum. First, we watched a documentary all about the chiefs, the queen mothers, and the traditions of the culture surrounding the Asantehene. Then, we got to see all of the talking drums that called the people to assemble before the chief back before the people had radios and telephones. We also saw the beds and chairs that carried the kings and queen mothers, including the current ones. Inside a huge, mansion-like building, we got to see all the offices and receiving rooms of the chiefs. They were filled with old photographs and wax figures that looked like all of the old chiefs that inhabited that palace. We also got to see lots of Kente cloths that they used to wear, each one particular to a royal family. We also saw war gear that the Ashanti people do not really use anymore...but in the past, they have been known for their fierceness in battle. In fact, the symbol for the Ashanti people is a porcupine because they are very calm animals until provoked, but they can definitely protect themselves with their pointy quills. Pretty cool. Anyway, I really enjoyed learning all about the history of the Ashanti kingdom.

Just to update research is officially done! On Monday, I was able to meet and assess the final students. I'm pretty excited to be able to assess the students in America now. I'll make sure I let everybody know the results as soon as I get them.

I have two weeks left before I go home. Isn't that CRAZY? I've been gone for 2 1/2 months. Margaret is leaving on Sunday to go back home, so this week we are going to give the family members their gifts. I was in charge of Christiana's gifts. She calls me Auntie Amy's so cute. I got her some shoes and earrings because she's a pretty posh lady. She sure does love her style. Every time we bring fabric or dresses home, she always has to see them. I think she'll like them.

For the next two weeks, I'll just be tying up loose ends. Basically, I will be visiting some of the friends I've made and volunteering at the clinic. I will also be going to the school in Jumasi, which has a Special Ed program...I thought that would be really interesting. We are also planning to go volunteer at one of the hospitals nearby. So yes, lots to look forward to still. Yesterday, while I was volunteering at the clinic, I found out that I got my birthday card from Scotchie! Apparently, it's never too late to say Happy puppy is so thoughtful!

I'm not sure what we'll do during the evenings, though. For the last 2 1/2 months, we've been watching episodes of the TV show House. However, now all of the seasons are done, so we may need to find new ways to entertain ourselves. I'm not trying to predict the future, here, but I'm guessing it will involve dancing and singing with Grace and Christiana. Christiana is probably my biggest fan...she loves to watch me dance haha. We have such a great time together.

Wish me luck over the next two weeks that I don't get sick!

I love you all muchisimo!


  1. Dear Amy -

    I'm so glad you finally got my card!! I miss you so much - sometimes I jump on your bed so I can bark at BBD (Big Black Dog) and Mommy has to fix the blankets.

    I can't wait till you're home so I can lick your face. Do people in Africa have puppies as pets? Are they as cute as me?

    I love you and bark for you every day -

    Love -
    Your Little Scotchie

  2. Dear Scotch,

    Thanks again for the card. How can you type with those tiny little paws...and no thumbs! You truly are the world's greatest dog.

    Some people in Ghana have dogs as pets. Most of the dogs are strays, though. It makes me really sad to see them all skinny. They are really good dogs, though. Only one time have I felt threatened by one. I was walking down a trail and a dog started barking at me and looked defensive, so I just walked a different way. I hear the shot for Rabies is expensive, so...I took the higher road haha. BUT the people that do have dogs as pets look like they love them a lot. I saw a boy carrying a new puppy the other day. Regardless of whether or not they are pets, we'd be kind of crazy to try to pet them or pick them up obviously, so we can't really get to know them.

    And, Scotch, no dogs are as cute as you.

    Your big sis

    P.S. I love Momma Nagle and how she speaks to me through my dog.