Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gonna Go To Ghana!

Actually, I'm already here, but I thought that title would be cute. I only have 15 minutes left, so here's a quick overview of what's gone on so far. We arrive in Accra on Wednesday night and then came to Kumasi yesterday. In Accra, we went to the National Museum of Ghana. It was really fun. We learned all about the things we had learned about for such a long time in our field studies class, but we got to see actual artifacts and actual objects. I'll have to write more in another blog entry with specifics later. Then, while waiting for the bus to go to Kumasi, we met Stephen. He was a police officer that really liked talking to us, so he stayed talking to us for four hours. Yee haa. He decided that he would take all six girls to wife and that Justin would be his brother-in-law. Hahaha.

The bus ride to Kumasi took 8 hours. It was long and very bumpy, but it was also very beautiful. There was jungle as far as the eye could see. The people are so friendly. They smile at us and wave. While we were on the bus, all the children kept screaming "Obruni! Obruni!" which means "White people! White people!" and waved and grinned. The kids are adorable.

Coincidence: I met a man at a bus stop on the way to Kumasi. He asked if we were Americans and where we are from. He told us that he is from Worchester, MA. What a coincidence! In the middle of a West African jungle, I meet a guy from Massachusetts. What are the odds? Also, they played Celine Dion on the bus radio. Did not expect that I would come to Ghana and only hear Celine Dion on the radio. Funny stuff.

The food is delicious, but it is very spicy. Fortunately, my pallet is not as sensitive as others' in the group, and I do alright with it. We have had egg sandwiches, rice with sauce, sweet bread, oranges, pineapples, crackers, and goat meat. It all tastes really good. And don't worry...we drink plenty of good water.

Everything here is also super duper cheap. Four of us rode in a taxi for 20 minutes. It cost $4. The first day in Accra, it cost less than $2.80 for all 7 of us to eat a full lunch. SO GOOD! We pay in cedis which are almost equal to American dollars and pesuas which are like American dimes.

So I have been having a great time. All is well. No problems so far at all. I sweat pretty much ALL THE TIME and I have a tan on my feet (which is weird because I have not been out in the sun). I love you all! Have a great time in America and make comments or ask me questions--I can respond just about once a week.

Love always,
Amy Elizabeth


  1. Oh yay!! It sounds like your having so much fun! I'm so happy for you :) love you

  2. Hi Honey - I printed your blog so Maga can read it and I am forwarding the link to the family so they can see it too. My friend Jayne at work read it and said, "You have fascinating kids!!" On Friday we are going to the 60th Anniversary party at Camp Sloper - I'll tell everyone you said hi. Love you bunches - Mama